MiKenko Pharmacy

Call a Doctor - Retail Pharmacies can reach out to General physician via Mikeno App in case Customer need a Doctor’s attention.

Doctor can manage their pharmacy within the clinic digitally using MiKenko Clinical Pharmacy.


  • A Detailed Summary and dashboard on
    • Inventory count of Pharmacy
    • Day/Month/Annual wise sales report
    • Expiry report

Inventory Management

  • Automated stock upload based on the billing from Stockist
  • Automated PO Generation
  • Easy upload of inventory using excel
  • Alerts on the Expiry medicines


  • Paper free environment
  • Bill via SMS to the customer
  • Easy track of Cash and Credit bill

Returns Management

  • Easy monitoring of non saleable and Expiry Returns
  • Digital return notes
  • Digital credit notes


  • Detailed reports on
    • Daily Sales
    • Payment againg
    • GSTIN
    • Profitability Day/month/year wise
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