MiKenko Customer

A Digital platform for customer to have to maintain own/dependents medical history along with the option of consulting with Doctor and obtain medicine from Pharmacy.

Registration and Profile

Customer can
  • Register in with a Secured Log in method using Mobile number
  • Updated his basic information.
  • Medicaiton Detail
  • Alergic Info
  • Pre-existing Condition



  • View the Current/upcoming appointments
  • Completed appointments in Date wise prescription and Invoice


  • Easy access for the Digital prescription given by Doctors anywhere anytime
  • View/share the prescription to pharmacy or the family members

Follow up/Cancel

  • View the follow up consultation given by the doctor and also easy access to cancel/reschedule the consultation

Payment Integration

  • Payment to the Doctor will be done during appointment booking seamlessly


  • Consultation can be done for self or for the dependents and their respective medical history will be visible to Doctor. Customer can book choose any of the below type

Schedule Online

  • Customer can book appointment with doctor and have consultation at ease at home

Schedule In-Person

  • Book the appointment and visit the clinic at the scheduled time
  • Eliminates waiting time

My Records

  • A Digi locker for the customer and the Dependent to maintain all the EMR/EHR handy
  • Upload the medical records and share the same to others
  • Access to doctors to view the Medical records while consultation


  • View all the prescription from various doctors at one place
  • Share the same to pharmacy to get medicine


  • Digital maintainance of vaccination details of the Kids
  • Easy access to view the completed and upcoming vaccines
  • Timely alerts for upcomming vaccines

My Family

Dependent member

  • Customer can
    • Add/Delete family members
    • Keep the medical records of family member handy
    • Book appointment and get prescription

Independent member

  • Customer can
    • Add/Delete family members
    • Book appointment and independent member can consult using their device
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